Helping your church grow in spiritual maturity takes thought and planning. Do you as a pastor or church leader have a master plan in mind as you make selections for Sunday School curriculum, Bible studies, and VBS? Sometimes decision making for choosing curriculum is done by teachers who may not know the material’s doctrinal content or how their material fits with the educational program of the church.

Many publishers are using generic versions of Bible teaching that appeal to a vast evangelical market. Do you want your children and adults to study material that is  Baptistic, pretribulation/premillenial, and dispensational in nature? Do you want them to understand the importance of obeying the Lord through Baptism by immersion and grasp the concepts of church polity? If so, then make careful and wise decisions about the curriculum you use. Research the doctrinal statement of publishers and examine their curriculum’s content. Concepts of these important Bible truths begin to form in childhood, so look closely at the materials you order for children. The best course of action is to order from Regular Baptist Press. You can confidently present Regular Baptist Press material to children and adults, knowing that it reflects your church’s doctrinal statement and systematically presents the entirety of God’s Word.