Leading Theologically Substantive Worship Webinar

April 15, 10:00 a.m. CT
Whether your church is large or small, has gifted musicians or regular Joes, the responsibility of leading worship remains the same. Worship is to exalt rather than diminish the glory of the Godhead. Learn how your church and its services can showcase the character and work of God. This Webinar will guide you in planning and implementing a worship service that enables congregants “to behold the beauty of the Lord.” Join John Greening as he leads this focused time of discussion and interaction. Register now.

Synergy Newsletter: Evangelism Issue!

Newly-released Spring Synergy newsletter offers ideas for evangelism in which virtually every member of your church can participate! Thanks to Robert Cowman, Jeanine Gower, Scott Greening, Tom Mullins, and Greg Javaux for sharing their evangelism ideas. Read Synergy and jump-start your outreach efforts!

Refresh at Pastoral Renewal Center

The Pastoral Renewal Center at Twin Lakes Camp, Hillsboro, IN, offers pastors and wives an opportunity to spend extended time being refreshed in the presence of God.  Jon McDugle, pastor of First Baptist Church (Danville, IN), states,  “This place has been designed with the pastor and his wife in mind!  The room has a bed and breakfast feel.  It’s décor is really nice.  It’s spacious and clean.  The bed is very comfortable.  It’s a great place to read and study.  The camp setting is beautiful and serene…The price is right as well!” For more information, contact Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center, 765-798-4000.

Summer School Tuition Grant

A generous donor has given a special gift dedicated to funding a one-time summer school tuition grant. This makes it possible for Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School to offer all summer courses (modules and online) at 50% of normal tuition. Both undergraduate and graduate tuition rates are included and new and returning students are eligible.
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