Great Ministry Workshops at GARBC ConferenceGARBCconf2013_Lead
Skilled workshop leaders who are passionate about their topics are presenting at the 2013 GARBC Conference, June 24–28, in Dearborn, Mich. You will be encouraged and helped in your ministry by attending these workshops. Register now for the conference.

  • “Pastoral Transitions: The Ethics of the Thing!” by Maynard Belt
  • “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Does Cremation Really Matter?” by Don Shirk
  • “Church Discipline: The Correction of a Believer or the Excommunication of an Unbeliever?” by Bruce Compton
  • “Communicating between Sundays: The Power of Blogging and Social Media in Today’s Local Church” by Mark Hurlbut and Chris Brown
  • “The Mission of the Church and Missions” by Dave Doran
  • “The Business Side of Ministry” by Michael Nolan
  • “Generational Mentoring” by Sherry Van Hooser
  • “Preaching Seminar” by Scott Poling
  • “Renewing Our Passion for Evangelism” by Pat Nemmers
  • “Renewal in Discipleship” by Dan Anderson
  • “Personal Renewal in Ministry” by Maynard Belt
  • “Worship Renewal: Authentic Corporate Worship” by Lee Kliewer

MayJune CoverMust-Reads: May/June Baptist Bulletin

  • “Betrayal, Fear, and Faith: The Victim’s Battle” by Sue Nicewander
    What churches can do to better understand the victim of a spiritual leader’s sexual abuse.
  • “Still an Easy Target” by Voyle A. Glover
    Some churches treat child sexual abuse like a theoretical problem. Are we doing all we can to protect our children?
  • “Ministry Conflict of Interest” by Kevin Vanderground
    The coauthor of Doing Right while Doing Good asks hard questions about our leadership ethics.
  • “The Value of a Friend” (anonymous)
    My friend was the Hound of Heaven, gently and carefully guiding me to restoration after I left the ministry.
  • “Ready for the Next Disaster”
    Baptist Builders Club partners with local churches in a new disaster relief program.
  • “First GARBC Retirement Community Celebrates 40 Years” by Jonita Barram
    At Maranatha Village, Sebring, Fla., Regular Baptists “serve others ’till Jesus comes.”
  • “Putting Good Books Back into Service”
    A missions team from Toledo, Ohio, helps a college library in Jamaica.

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