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e-INFOFebruary 2013Improving Your Ministry Skills

Improving Your Ministry Skills

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Three Great Venues for Pastoring Know-How

  • “Preaching That Connects” Learning Lab, taught by Rich Van Heukelum, pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church, Shamong, N.J. Four sessions, beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Every preacher wants to see the Word of God become that unleashed lion, powerfully connecting with and transforming lives. Consider elements that help the preacher allow the text to speak for itself and the preacher to simply “preach the Word.” The key is developing study patterns and sermon presentations that communicate God’s intended message, including its meaning and implementation. REGISTER. Introductory price: $29.99 $19.79
  • “Preaching and Teaching Old Testament Narratives” Learning Lab
    taught by Nigel Black, pastor of Winslow Baptist Church, Sicklerville, N.J. Four sessions, beginning on Thursday, Feb. 28. Combine conservative application of the literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic with clear, concise, and dynamic presentation (preparation and delivery) techniques in order to produce textually accurate sermons and lessons that work to transform as well as educate the local church. REGISTER. Introductory price: $29.99 $19.79
  • “Leading a Revitalized, Thriving Church” Webinar
    taught by Dr. Howard Bixby, executive vice president of ChristWay Ministries, Fleetville, Pa. One session, Feb. 14. To revitalize a church and lead it to become a thriving, growing body, the DNA of the church will need to be changed. This especially relates to outreach and witness. Tips for leading through the process of changing a church’s DNA to become a revitalized, thriving church are provided. REGISTER. No charge.

Worship Connect: A Regional Conference for GARBC Churches
Plan now to attend Worship Connect 2013, to be held March 1 and 2 at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Waterloo, Iowa. Worship Connect is a regional conference spearheaded by Pastor Jon Jenks of Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., and Pastor Will Hatfield of CrossRoad Baptist Church, Ames, Iowa. It is designed to bring local church ministry teams together. This year’s theme is “Inner Life—abiding with Christ; a faith that diligently seeks Him.”

Attend and value . . .

  • strengthening your inner life in Jesus Christ,
  • passionately worshiping Jesus Christ,
  • building connections with churches and their ministry teams, and
  • sharpening ministry skills with practical projects that will impact ministries. Register now.

2013 S.E.E.D. Conference: Biblical Worship
Heather Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Ind., pastored by Brian McCrorie, is hosting the 2013 S.E.E.D. Conference (Spiritual Enrichment and Education), March 17–19, which will center on the topic of Biblical worship. The conference overview states, “At Heather Hills, one of our core values is: we are passionate about the sincere, biblical worship of God. But what does that truly look like in the church? Doesn’t worship just mean the music part of the service? What about the songs I don’t like? Does the Bible actually address these subjects? Why do ‘Worship Wars’ exist in the church? And what about when I’m alone in private worship? What place does the scripture and prayer have in worship?  What about worship postures? How do I worship a God I cannot see? These are the questions we are looking to answer by digging deeply into the soil of God’s Word at the 2013 SEED Conference. We hope you can join us!”

March 18 is Church Leadership Day at S.E.E.D. Conference—a day for pastors, interns, staff, and ministry leaders to dig deeply into the Word to learn truths about Biblical worship that can impact their churches. Register here.

16:5 Conference: More and Better Disciples
Northridge Church, Rochester, N.Y., invites pastors, church leaders, staff, and key volunteers who long to obey the Great Commission both effectively and Biblically to attend the church’s 16:5 Conference, March 18 and 19. As Pastor David Whiting explains, “Being both biblically faithful and culturally relevant is a difficult tightrope to walk. At 16:5 we will learn to walk this tightrope together through main sessions, breakouts, fellowship and worship. We would love to have you join us and others who long to be both faithful and relevant in sharing the gospel with the people in our culture.”

Empire State Preaching Practicum
Empire State Fellowship Representative Jim Vogel will present a five-session practicum on preaching beginning on Feb. 7. The practicum is available free-of-charge to pastors in New York as a ministry of the Empire State Fellowship Center for Pastoral Enrichment.