Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant

This newest resource from Regular Baptist Books, compiled by general editor Mike Stallard is now available.

For centuries, scholars and theologians have debated the question of how we should understand the Bible’s teaching about the new covenant. The three views in this book are all unified by a single idea: God will make His new covenant with Israel, not the church. Referring to papers first presented at the 2009 Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, the authors discuss three ideas within traditional dispensationalism:

  • the church is in some way a party to the new covenant,
  • the church shares similar blessings to the new covenant, or
  • the church has nothing at all to do with the new covenant.

Each viewpoint is supported by extensive theological, historical, and exegetical research. Order online or call RBP customer service, 1.800.727.4440.

Training Future Preachers

fppageFaith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, Ankeny, Iowa, is conducting a Future Preachers Conference on Friday, Nov. 9.

Future Preachers is a local church ministry of purposeful discipleship and training for young men who sense God may be calling them into ministry. The conference will explore how to identify and work with junior and senior highers who may have the gifts and abilities for ministry. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase the Future Preachers Notebook to use in training young men for ministry. Visit Future Preachers Conference for full information and a registration form.