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e-INFOImproving Your Ministry SkillsMay 2012

Improving Your Ministry Skills

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2012 GARBC Conference Workshops
Excellent presenters are preparing to speak on a wide range of relevant topics for your church ministry and personal life at the 2012 GARBC Conference. Check out the following topics:

  • Adjusting to a New . . . Everything! Joy Anglea, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Reproducing Yourself in Others: Making Disciples Who Make Disciples, Paul Auckland, Sellersville, Pa.
  • Alcohol and the Church, Kevin Bauder, Plymouth, Minn.
  • Preaching through the Psalms, Nigel Black, Sicklerville, N.J.
  • Reaching Our Cities for Christ, Ken Davis, Clarks Summit, Pa.
  • Not Just Business as Usual: God-Honoring Church Business Meetings, Ken Floyd, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • Cultivating Community Connections, Scott Greening, Schaumburg, Ill.
  • Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship: Learning to Share God’s Story of Hope in a World of Competing Faiths and Culture, Wayne Haston, Harrisburg, Pa.
  • The Changing Church, Donn Hauser, Towanda, Pa., and Bob Kadlecik, Montrose, Pa.
  • Cultural Shifts That Impact Ministry and Missions, Chris Hindal, Schaumburg, Ill.
  • PowerPoint Pointers for Pulpit Proclamation, David Hixson, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Called to Freedom, Sherrie Holloway, Clarks Summit, Pa.
  • Caring without Wearing, Kathy Little, Grafton, Ohio, and Janice Mitchell, Pueblo, Colo.
  • The Nobility and Knowability of Scripture: An Overview of Contemporary Postmodern Challenges to the Nature, Authority, and Knowability of Scripture, David Mappes, Clarks Summit, Pa.
  • The Rights, Wrongs, Results, and Rewards of Rural and Small Church Ministry, L. D. Maxson, Addison, N.Y., and Ted Lawrence, Smyrna, N.Y.
  • Funding a Local Church Vision, Tom Melzoni, Huber Heights, Ohio
  • Chaplaincy: Helping the Authentic Church Impact the World, John Murdoch, Schaumburg, Ill.
  • Fresh Recipes for the Lord’s Supper, Don Shirk, Batavia, N.Y.
  • Church Conflict: 12 Preventative Strategies, Jim Vogel, N.Y.

Register for the conference—build on your ministry know-how!

GARBC Church-Planting Cohort Spans North America
Church planters are enjoying online discussion and fellowship every month in a cohort that is specifically suited to their needs. Pastors from four time zones—Pacific, Central, Eastern, and Atlantic—are participating. If you are interested in joining the group in the future, please contact Scott Greening.

Camp Gilead Women’s Retreat
A relaxing and edifying weekend for ladies will take place May 18 and 19 at Camp Gilead in Carnation, Wash. Feature speaker will be Anissa Decker—wife, mother, and Camp Gilead alumnus camper and counselor. Workshops topics include Simple Living, Prodigal Children, Couponing, Dealing with our Emotions, Living the Abundant Life, Photography, Jewelry, and more! For registration and information, click here.