Church Planters in GARBC Receive Free Conference Registration
Churches in the GARBC appreciate church planters! For a church plant in the GARBC fellowship, its pastor and his family may attend the 2012 GARBC Conference, June 25–29, with complimentary registration. A special main session at our conference is being planned to highlight church planters in our association. Plan now to attend! Register online or by calling Kristen Nolan, 888.588.1600, ext. 803.

Not yet in the GARBC? Submit a one-page church plant application after your church approves applying for fellowship. Questions? Call John Greening’s office, 888.588.1600 ext. 852.

GARBC Consultation Offers Objective Look
Is your church’s ministry treading water? Do you have budgetary concerns? Are your people basing decisions on emotion or tradition? Sometimes an outside objective look can be the first step in achieving church progress.

John Greening, GARBC national representative, can facilitate assessing your church’s strengths and needs and planning for effective ministry. Using a collaborative approach, John works with your church as the congregation provides input and your leadership team determines strategy. Another facet of consultation is looking at your church’s financial picture. Michael Nolan, GARBC director of business administration and former General Motors executive, can assist your church with business sense.

For more information, call John or Michael at 888.588.1600.

Cohorts Connect!

GARBC Pastoral Cohort online promotes a great melding of kindred spirits! Pastors from Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio enjoyed their first “getting to know you” session. Hungry for fellowship with supportive men who walk the path of ministry? Contact John Greening to enter your name on the waiting list for the next pastoral cohort.

GARBC Church-Planting Cohort engaged in its first online meeting. In addition to introducing themselves, church planters discussed the dichotomy that exists when the realities of church planting call for modes of operation that may not match the expectations of their supporting network. Church planting is not for sissies—encourage one another in this important calling. Connect in a monthly cohort by e-mailing John Greening and Scott Greening. A waiting list is forming for another start-up cohort.

2012 Seed Conference: Christian Fellowship
Pastor Brian McCrorie and Heather Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, invites you to attend 2012 Seed Conference, March 18–20, which will center on the topic of Christian fellowship.

Heather Hills says it is passionate about Christian fellowship that is based on the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. “But what does that truly look like?” the conference description asks. “Is Christian fellowship just drinking coffee together and talking about the recent football game? Or rather, could we say that fellowship is simply sitting in church, listening to preaching? Does it happen only in small group gatherings? Can churches partner together to accomplish it? And what are the limitations of fellowship? When do we not fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ? Is separation still a necessity in the 21st century, and how does it promote the unity Christ calls us to pursue?”

March 19 will be Church Leadership Day at the Seed Conference—a day for pastors, interns, staff, or ministry leaders to dig deeply into the Word to learn truths about Christian fellowship that can impact their churches. Register online.

16:5 Conference: More and Better Disciples
Pastor David Whiting and Northridge Church, Rochester, N.Y., invites pastors, church leaders, staff, and key volunteers who long to obey the Great Commission both effectively and Biblically to attend the church’s 16:5 Conference, March 19 and 20. As Pastor Whiting explains, “Being both Biblically faithful and culturally relevant is a difficult tightrope to walk. At 16:5 we will learn to walk this tightrope together through main sessions, breakouts, fellowship, and worship. We would love to have you join us and others who long to be both faithful and relevant in sharing the gospel with the people in our culture.”