Encouragement for Pastoring through the Tough Times
Thursday, May 19
1:30 p.m., CT

A pastor’s job isn’t easy. You face pressures and problems on a regular basis. So how do you handle the ministry when you are facing those terrible, horrible , no-good, very bad days (to borrow a phrase from Judith Viorst’s beloved children’s book)? In this free webinar, Jim Vogel, GARBC associate national representative, will draw from his 30 years of pastoral experience in sharing 10 concepts that have helped him survive (and even thrive!) in the midst of ministry hard times. Click here to register today!


Boost Your Church Nursery’s Appeal!
Often the first contact young families have with a church is the church nursery. The nursery’s appearance and its staff’s warm and professional demeanor will play a role in influencing the family’s return to your church. Have you updated your nursery lately?

RBP now offers an exciting nursery ministry kit called Lil’ Sprouts Club. The kit includes comprehensive materials for training nursery workers as well as lessons designed for babies and toddlers under two. Other resources such as nametags, bag tags, birthday cards, bibs, and teaching pictures make this resource a must-have for nurseries of all sizes. Order this attractive program!

Ministry to Pastors at 2011 GARBC Conference

Jim Vogel, GARBC associate national representative, will be serving as the 2011 GARBC Conference pastor. Jim will be available to provide counsel and encouragement to conferees. Also, Jim will be leading a workshop, “Six Killer Mistakes of Local Church Leadership” and a Leaders’ Digest session with GARBC National Representative John Greening.

When the Plate Is Empty: Dealing with Financial Crisis in Your Church
Church offerings are often predictable, short of what is needed, and can be discouraging. For many churches, our economic slump has only intensified the problem of meager giving. Attend this 2011 GARBC Conference workshop, led by GARBC Business Director Michael Nolan, and learn out-of-the-box approaches to dealing with the empty plate syndrome.

View the complete conference schedule and workshops.

Health Care Tax Credit Available to Churches
Your church may be eligible to receive a small-business health care tax credit as part of the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This credit is designed to help small businesses, including churches, provide employee health coverage. To learn more, visit www. Baptist Builders Club.