Revitalize Your Church’s Vision for Multiplication
Get a ministry boost! Come to the 2011 GARBC Conference, June 27–July 1, in beautiful Denver, Colo. Stimulate your thinking on
•    evangelism,
•    discipleship,
•    leadership development, and
•    church planting
. . . all based on the book of Acts.

Your church is destined to multiply! Look for the 2011 GARBC Conference packet to arrive soon at your church, or visit
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. You’ll be glad you came!

“Using Curriculum for All It’s Worth” Webinar-January 20

Ever go zipping down an unfamiliar road only to be surprised by a sudden turn or a hidden stop sign that sends your tires into a squealing protest? Unfamiliar roads can be frustrating—or even scary.

Curriculum is in essence a road or course for learning, and it can be frustrating too if you embark on it without really knowing where you are headed. In this enriching webinar, Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press, will help you see the importance of understanding your church curriculum so you can use it for all it is worth. He will help you tap your curriculum’s full potential and realize all of its benefits. Get a clear view of your learning course by joining this webinar on January 20, 10:00 a.m. CST. Register now.

Just released! January/February Baptist Bulletin
Read in the Bulletin:
•    Expect Nothing, a profile of church-planting pastor Adam Zamora
•    Don’t Ever Give Up from the autobiography of Robert Hunter, an African-American pastor and church planter
•    Confronting Racism in the Church by Pastor Greg Randle of Waukegan Baptist Bible Church, Waukegan, Ill.
•    Building Bridges in Arizona, a report of church planting efforts near Phoenix
Read the current issue of the Baptist Bulletin online.

Ministry Mentoring
Do you have questions regarding the dynamics of your particular ministry? Would you like to learn ministry fine points from two experienced pastors/leaders? GARBC representatives John Greening and Jim Vogel will lead a new online series of ministry mentoring sessions beginning in February. The series of eight interactive online sessions will take place for one hour each week. Please e-mail John to reserve your spot.

Piedmont Baptist College Bible Conference, Jan. 24–27
Piedmont Baptist College
, Winston-Salem, N.C.,  invites you to attend its Bible conference, “Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in a World with a Good God.” Speakers include Steve Welborn, Dr. Rob Decker, Dr. Jerry Hullinger, and Dr. Hoyle Bowman. For more information, see