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Children’s Program to Meet Your Church’s NeedsGrowTime
Reviews are in! Churches are giving thumbs up to RBP’s It’s Grow Time for their children’s ministries. This children’s program is perfect for use in junior church with younger, older, and/or combined groups. Also, church plants or churches desiring to grow their children’s Sunday School can use It’s Grow Time for classes that have a wide span of ages.

It’s Grow Time kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide with lessons for grades 1–6
  • Fully reproducible Resource CD with teaching materials and theme-related clip art
  • 2 Song CDs
  • Animated Bible Accounts DVD
  • 13 full-color Teaching Pictures
  • 1 set of 18 Bible Timeline Collector Cards
    Order your kit today. Available in Year 1 and Year 2.

Women’s Study on the Holy Spirit
Rejoice in the work of the Holy Spirit! Regular Baptist Press offers three women’s Bible studies on the Holy Spirit that can be used individually or together as a comprehensive study.

  • Living in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 1—12) introduces the church and shows how the Holy Spirit worked in early believers and how He can work in your life today.
  • Serving in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 13—20) takes you on Paul’s three missionary journeys, filled with problems, personalities, and victories—just like in your own life.
  • Persevering in the Power of the Spirit is just as possible today as it was back then. This third book in the series covers chapters 21—28, includes a look back over Acts, and surveys Paul’s 13 epistles.
    Order your copies today.