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Being God's Givere-INFOFebruary 2010

Putting Others First

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Seeking Cancer Support Materials

Do you know of a church that has a cancer support group? Gayle, a deacon’s wife from Batavia, N.Y., writes, “We have several ladies this past year, including myself, that have had or have now cancer. I’m in recovery now and feel led to start a cancer encouragement (support) group for the ladies in the church, plus an outreach to community unsaved. Getting info and doing the groundwork is the stage we are at.” If you have information regarding Bible-based materials that could be used for such a group, please let us know.

Anita Johnson Trust Fund

Nathan Johnson, pastor of Prairie Baptist Church, Noblesville, Ind., went Home to be with the Lord on Jan. 21 following a brief illness. As a memorial to Pastor Johnson, Prairie Baptist has set up a trust fund to care for the financial needs of Nathan’s wife, Anita, and their young daughters, Abigail and Lydia. If you would like to contribute to the fund, you may list Prairie Baptist Church as the payee and write “Family of Nathan Johnson Trust Fund” on the memo line. The church’s address is 14790 E. 206th St. Noblesville, IN 46060.

Support Haiti Churches IPFBM

Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, is organizing rebuilding efforts for sister churches in Haiti that need church facilities and homes. You may give financially to the effort by donating online. You can be sure that your donations will go directly to helping Haitian churches! Contact Chris if your church would like to find out about going on a missions trip to assist Haitian churches.

Haiti Prayer Time

People from 13 states gathered online Monday evening, Jan. 18, to pray for the needs of Haiti. Among those participating in the webinar were Pastor Jacquelin and Muriel Saint-Preux and the Eglise Evangelique Baptiste family in Elmont, N.Y. (a church in the GARBC) and Pastor Jacqueson Pierre of Haitian Hope Ministries in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

At least five individuals had groups of people on the call with them, including one church group and a few families. Most indicated that they were going to present the prayer list at their church and continue to pray. One church indicated that they are going to divert their special building fund offering to the Hatian Relief for at least a year.

Praise the Lord for the following written comments:

  • Please express our thanks to Chris Hindal in heading this up and we greatly appreciate his “Second Wave” strategy to help the Haitian Pastors and people.
  • I was touched by the prayers for our churches in Haiti and for those affected personally by the earthquake. I’m grateful for the psalms that spoke so directly to our need to trust in God’s strength and take refuge in Him during this time of tragedy. Thank you for allowing me to listen in on the webinar and see/hear the prayer requests. I’d love to be a part of a near-future team to help minister to children in Haiti!
  • This Webinar was an excellent way to begin my week, with a renewed commitment to be a more effective prayer warrior. I printed the 4 pages of prayer requests from GARBC for the Haitians, both in the US and in Haiti. We will be praying for those requests. I have a special love for Haiti; my aunt (Caroline Bradshaw) was a medical missionary in Haiti for 43 years. She built the House of Hope Med. Clinic and had the joy of leading many Haitians to Christ. God can work mightily even through this tragedy.
  • My family and I will continue to uphold everyone in prayer.  We will also be talking with our church to start developing teams to come help.  Please keep us informed as to what is needed and when.
  • I appreciated the opportunity to bond with brothers and sisters in Haiti via prayer.  Our church continues to pray.
  • Heartfelt prayers for rescue, provision, safety, especially  for the elderly & the children. Thank you for this opportunity to pray with you during this webinar.
  • Isaiah 40 has been a rock of hope for me! I pray our mighty God will uphold those in Haiti with His immeasurable strength!
  • Thanks for organizing it and for the information presented.  It will help present the need more clearly to our people and the plan of action our fellowship is pursuing. Thank you!
  • Thanks. I appreciate the information and the spirit of the meeting.
  •  We offered prayers for those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti during our service on Sunday morning. We will be passing on the prayer request provided to our congregation.
  • Understanding that there wil be many needs for months and years to come. I wish to encourage our Haitian brothers and sisters with our ongoing prayers and support. You will not be fogotten!
  • I will share the requests that I have heard this PM with the people of the church where I pastor. Thanks for a wonderful prayer meeting.
  • We will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will also begin to make plans for how we can be involved in the GLS efforts.
  • Thanks for this opportunity to unite in prayer. We at our church will be praying and supporting the effort.
  • Thanks for putting this together. I plan to send the prayer requests sheets out to my congregation so they can join in praying for specific families as well. We are hopeful to put together a team this summer to go to Haiti and look forward to working with you to accomplish this. God bless!
  • Thanks for arranging this opportunity to learn from those who are in the midst of this disaster and to prayer for our brothers and sisters in this horrible situation!