Making Good Connections Internationally
Would your church like to form a friendship with an international church but you are unsure of how to make that connection? GARBC International Ministries can steer you to legitimate international Baptist ministries that share your passion for reaching souls for Christ and your fundamental doctrine. Becoming a sister church with a church across the world can be spiritually enriching for your church family. Contact Chris Hindal, GARBC International Ministries Director, to learn about ministry connections for your church.

luke-torres-synergy.jpgOne Person Can Make a Difference!
When New Life Island Regular Baptist Camp, Frenchtown, NJ, experienced a devastating flood, student Luke Torres determined to help. Read about Luke’s 80-mile bike trip that prompted people to donate to the camp. One person’s efforts can be the tipping point for providing help and hope. What can you do to assist a ministry in need?

Listen to the News/Pray for Sister Churches
When listening to the evening news or reading news online or in the paper, remember your sister churches in the Association. When you hear of a weather-related hardship that a town is facing, log on to GARBC church finder or consult your GARBC directory (call 1-800-727-4440 to order your Directory) to see if a sister church is located in that community. Give that church a call or send them an e-mail to let them know you are praying for them and ready to assist if needed.

Common Sense on Courtship and Marriage
Good advice n courtship and marriage doesn’t change through the years. In the September 1938 Baptist Bulletin Dr. Robert T. Ketcham wrote, “A wrong marriage blasts the life, yet as soon as the last head is withdrawn from the noose, there are twenty more waiting to thrust themselves in,” Read more of Dr. Ketcham’s musings on Courtship and Marriage in the vintage Bulletin Online.