Tools for International Partners

Digital tools for outreach–DVD/CDs,  websites, and video recordings may be plentiful in the U.S.A., but not in other parts of the world. Gospel Literature Services (GLS), with the help of  missionary Chris Brown, is expanding the delivery of gospel literature to provide international partners, pastors, and missionaries with digital tools and media services. By doing so, our international colleagues can learn how to use digital tools for expanding their outreach. Won’t you be part of this exciting work of spreading the gospel internationally by becoming a member of the Digital Impact Team? If you would like GLS to be presented at your church, please contact GLS Director, Chris Hindal, or GLS missionary, Chris Brown.

BBC-Churches Helping Churches

The Baptist Builders’ Club Board of Administrators will be meeting November 19 to review two churches that have applied for grants. There is one church in the start-up category and one church in the build-up category. Please join them in prayer as they consider each application.

Prayer for Council of 18 Meeting

Two important initiatives are at the center of Council discussions for their November 17-19  meeting:  Church Planting and Young Baptist Leaders. Won’t you join in praying for the Council and the Young Baptist Leader guests as they consider these initiatives? Please pray that they would have the Lord’s wisdom, clarity in thinking, and creativity as they make plans that impact the future of our Association.