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Being God's Givere-INFONovember 2007

Putting Others First: November 2007

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Express Appreciation with a Gift
Giving a gift is a great way to express appreciation. As we come to the end of this year, consider showing your appreciation for the ministry of the GARBC by giving a Christmas gift or by starting or increasing your support for the Association. Your financial support enables the Association and its different ministries to expand its outreach in the new year.

You Can Help Meet a Great Need
“95 to 100 million Americans are unchurched,” reported BGCWorld. “Not one U.S. city has a greater church population than ten years ago. Ten churches close every day.”

These sobering statistics show the great need for church planting. You can participate in planting GARBC churches by supporting Baptist Builders Club. Contact Michael Nolan to schedule a presentation in your church. Make Baptist Builders Club a part of your church budget for 2008.

We Are Searching…
The Baptist Bulletin will highlight the ministry of a crisis pregnancy center in the January issue. We would like to include a listing of churches in the GARBC that have a ministry to unwed mothers. This ministry could be in the form of assisting a crisis pregnancy center or providing a pantry of baby items for unwed or financially needy mothers in the community. If your church has this type of ministry, please send Norm Olson the name of your church, your church’s location, and the type of ministry in which your church participates.