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Putting Others First: August 2008

By August 1, 2008June 17th, 2014No Comments

GLS Beijing Olympic Endeavor

The torch will soon be lit inaugurating the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. As the world gathers, the opportunities for significant eternal impact will providentially present themselves. Even though the Gospel Literature Services (GLS) Team will not be on site, we are praying that the digital tools we have developed and will be distributed during the games will reach hearts divinely prepared and ready to respond.

Even from your side of the world, you can participate in the Olympic outreach through a donation to GLS. This pin, createdgls-olympic-pin.jpg specifically for the Olympics, is available to you to remind you to pray not only during the games but beyond, as the Seed falls on fertile ground. You can donate by credit card or send a check to Gospel Literature Services, 1300 N. Meacham Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60173. Designate your credit card donation or your check as China Outreach. God bless you for your involvement in His mission.

GLS Tract Available for Disasters

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, have become a familiar part of the news of late. These disasters provide a window of opportunity to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. GLS is reprinting the Why tract in a form that will be appropriate no matter what the disaster. This is a way to communicate the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are hurting. If you are interested in ordering a supply of these, contact GLS . Be ready to step into the life of someone whom God has prepared.