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Being God's Givere-INFOJune 2011

Putting Others First

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GARBC Support  from Idaho, Georgia, and Hawaii
When you give to the GARBC, you strengthen and assist churches. Thank you to the following churches for their financial support of the GARBC general fund.

Idaho: First Baptist Church in Notus, Pastor D. Cleve Clucas; First Baptist Church of Roswell in Parma, Pastor Gerald Thomas

Georgia and Hawaii: no financial support yet

Is your church sharing your financial resources to support the association that cares for you? Please consider adding the GARBC to your support budget or taking a special offering for the association. Online giving is available.

Axiom for Living
Veteran pastor Jack McCurry recently shared this good reminder.

Four things you can’t recover:
4. The stone . . . after the throw.
3. The word . . . after it’s said.
2. The occasion . . . after it’s missed.
1. The time . . . after it’s gone.

Wise words for effective leaders!