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Being God's Givere-INFONovember 2010

Putting Others First

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Puppets for International Children

GARBC International Ministries partners are in need of homemade or bought hand puppets with dark skin and dark hair (black skin with black, tight curly hair for Africa; dark brown skin with black, tight curly hair for Haiti; dark brown skin with very long, black hair for women and girls in Southern India; light brown skin for Northeast India, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia; and Oriental appearance for Korea and China). For puppets for India, please clothe with sarees or churidars for ladies and tunics and pants for men. Children may be clothed in simple shorts and T-shirts—maybe some a little dirty and tattered.

Websites to consult:;; For more information, contact Deb Hindal: 224-234-7403.

Vision of Hope Seeking Interns

Vision of Hope Residential Treatment Center, Lafayette, Ind., is seeking female interns for its rehabilitation center, associated with Faith Baptist Church. The center works with girls ages 14–28 struggling with unplanned pregnancies, drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and habits of self-harm. The ministry of Vision of Hope is Christ-centered, Bible based, and individualized to meet the needs of each resident.

Interns with Vision of Hope assist in the work of the ministry while gaining hands-on experience in this field. The Vision of Hope staff and interns serve together to provide quality care to each young woman. Interns may work, pursue Biblical counseling education from Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, earn college credits, etc., outside of Vision of Hope during their hours off duty. Any counseling education received from Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries will occur on the interns’ own time and own expense.

If you know of a young woman who may be interested in hearing more about these openings, please contact Tori Shirk: 765-447-5900.