The 2018 GARBC Conference is quickly approaching! Please join us in praying for the following:

  • The Regular Baptist Ministries team and Hamilton Hills Church staff as they facilitate the conference
  • The speakers and module presenters as they prepare their messages and instruction
  • Mike and Christina Hess, GARBC national representative candidate and his wife, as they ready for a ministry transition, pending churches’ approval
  • The refreshment and spiritual encouragement of conference attendees, including pastors and wives, ministry leaders, and churches


Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, is currently meeting with pastors in Budapest, Hungary; Kiev, Ukraine; Nuremberg, Germany; and Lisbon, Portugal. He gives the following ministry update.

In Europe, most Baptist churches are part of a convention or Baptist union. These unions were necessary for gaining government recognition, which is essential for foreigners to obtain religious visas. It has been profitable for me to gain an understanding of the religious landscape here in Europe. Though I do not have the statistics, it appears that those who follow Biblical Christianity make up less than 1 percent of the population. Though a majority may claim Catholicism, it is merely their family roots; they do not claim to hold to the tenants of the Catholic faith and do not attend church.

Our missionaries in Europe need prayer and perseverance. Often it takes a year of building a relationship before Europeans are comfortable even talking about their faith. One national pastor told me he worked for 10 years before he conducted his first baptism. I am encouraged, however, as I spoke in two churches that had an attendance of about 75 on Sunday morning. The atmosphere was alive, and the people were very friendly. They seem to enjoy each other as well as appreciate the Word of God.


Billa Wilson Babu serves with the Biblical Baptist Fellowship of Karnataka, India. He sends the following ministry update.

Shalom Home and foster home children have passed in all the exams and promoted to the next grade. We will have summer Bible clubs and regular Sunday Schools with them. Many are suffering from lack of resources of casual dresses, bags, bed sheets, suit case/trunk boxes, medical assistance, and personal daily things.

Persecution is increasing. Anti-Christian radicals are provoking and disturbing our village churches and outreach programs. It is getting more difficult to share the gospel openly.

Continue to uphold leprosy patients and their children, physically handicapped people, and Yanadhi and Yarukula tribal people in your prayers. Thank you.