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Being God's Givere-INFOSeptember 2016

Being God’s Giver

By September 1, 2016No Comments

Regular Baptist Builders Club Director Michael Nolan shares the following update on Regular Baptist churches in West Virginia.

Calvary Independent Baptist Church (Clendenin)Clendenin_inline
From this church’s exterior, anyone unfamiliar with the flooding that occurred in June probably wouldn’t realize the extent of the damage to its facility. Church members and volunteers have done an exceptional job cleaning up the exterior, freeing the inside of mold and drying it out, running new electrical lines, and installing new HVAC units. The next project is to rebuild the basement. In the next few weeks, we will have information on which weeks the church will need volunteer crews to help with the rebuilding and the materials needed to accomplish the work. To volunteer, please contact Regular Baptist Builders Club at 847.585.0803 or To assist with the purchase of materials, donate today!

Berean Independent Baptist Church (Fort Ashby)Ashby_lead
In March, an arson fire engulfed this church facility. Today only a concrete footprint remains where the building once stood. Members of Berean Independent Baptist Church are standing strong, continuing to be the hands and feet in reaching their community. Builders from Continental Baptist Missions will be assisting the church in rebuilding. Deacon Larry Deitz is the point person for organizing, obtaining permits, and leading the church through the building project. Regular Baptist Builders Club is standing with this church and is ready to help as needed. If you would like to help, donate today!

HongKong_inlineRegular Baptist Press International is exploring the possibility of expanding the influence of Regular Baptist Press into Hong Kong and mainland China. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and Michael Nolan, CFO and treasurer for Regular Baptist Ministries, will be going to Hong Kong at the end of September to meet with several Baptist groups. Questions to be answered include (1) ascertaining these leaders’ level of interest in having an English version that is adapted to the Chinese culture with Chinese photos and cultural references, and (2) finding out how important is it to them to translate the materials into the Chinese characters. God may expand the impact of Regular Baptist Press into the most populated country on the earth. Travel expenses are still needed, as Chris will continue on to Indonesia to conduct two conferences in this Muslim-contested land. Please pray for wisdom and God’s direction.