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Being God's Givere-INFOMay 2013

Being God’s Giver

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Operation Liberia: Building a Christian School
Operation Liberia | VBS Missions Offering ProjectBy using RBP’s VBS Investigation Destination, you can be part of an effort to build a Christian school in Liberia. Children in Mafla Village cannot afford to attend school, but 25 acres of land have been donated there. Help these Liberian children learn about salvation through Christ! You can help children in your church and community develop compassion and catch the vision of international missions by participating in this effort. $32,664 needs to be raised to build the school. See more at “Operation Liberia.

Helping Pastors Attend 2013 GARBC Conference
The GARBC offers scholarships to financially help pastors be able to attend the annual GARBC conference. The 2013 Conference theme, “Renew Our Strength,” will be an encouragement to pastors and wives who find themselves depleted while doing the work of the ministry. Won’t you help sponsor a needy pastor and wife to be able to attend the conference? You may donate online or by sending your gift to GARBC, 1300 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, Ill., 60173. Please specify “Conference Scholarship.”