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Being God's Givere-INFOFebruary 2013

Being God’s Giver

By February 4, 2013June 17th, 2014No Comments RBP VBS Sponsors a Liberian Christian School
In Mafla Village, children cannot afford to attend school, but land and building plans have been donated for a school for these children to attend. As part of the 2013 Investigation Destination VBS, Regular Baptist Press is  sponsoring an effort to raise $32,664 to build a Christian school for children from impoverished Liberian families. Help children in your VBS experience the thrill of providing a Christian school for students in Africa in which they can learn about the Lord. Engage children in this project through the new VBS by RBP. Place your Investigation Destination order now.

Church Planters Need Your Help
Church planting is important Great Commission work, but the road to establishing a new church is not easy. As a church is starting up, there are always a multitude of projects that require time and money. Baptist Builders Club’s Start Up program assists church plants with financial support and ministry resources in their beginning days. Won’t you be a part of this important work? Perhaps you can’t be on location to experience the joys and challenges of planting a church, but you can share your financial resources to give new churches the leg up they need. Donate now.