GARBC Christmas Giving Projects Benefit Pastors

Perhaps your church has benefited from being part of the association through IRS tax-exempt status as a GARBC fellowshipping church, aligning with other churches in a strong doctrinal allegiance to God’s Word, partnering with sister churches in the GARBC to do the work of the ministry, or receiving counsel or help from a GARBC administrator or staff member.

You now have the opportunity to be a blessing to others by giving a Christmas gift to the GARBC. Pastors and wives will be the direct recipients of Christmas gifts that you and your church provide to the association. Check out GARBC Christmas Giving, where you will find two projects to bless pastors and wives. Also, you will find promotional helps and resources to communicate the projects and to encourage participation among your church family.

Get excited about the impact you can have on pastors and churches across the country! Individuals, families, Sunday School classes, and churches can bless sister churches in the GARBC by participating in a Christmas Giving Project!

Baptist Bulletin Sneak Preview

Coming in the November/December Baptist Bulletin:

  • “Still Rooted in the Local Church” by Alex Bauman
    Regular Baptist Press celebrates 60 years of ministry
  • “Singing with Understanding,” an interview with Ken Osbeck (author of 101 Hymn Stories), and “Singing from the Same Hymnal in a Post-Hymnal World” by Kevin Mungons
  • “Planting a Migrant Church” by Kevin Mungons and Darrell Goemaat
    Michigan churches work together on a project that some said would never happen
  • “My Life as a GARBC Military Brat” by Clifford Stumme
    Though the title seems unflattering, children of chaplains embrace their life of ministry
  • “Update on Baptist Church Names” by Bernie Augsburger
  • “Christianity Is Not a Religion?” by Stephen Anderson

Contact Lynne Goemaat, 1.888.588.1600, ext. 833, to subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin. Group discounts available!

Relief Efforts for Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

The stories and scenes from the destructive path of Hurricane Sandy have filled the news broadcasts on radio and TV for the last week. All of us have felt the desire to lend a hand but wondered how. Our association of churches provides a network that can be a responder to churches that are on the receiving end of damage. Are you looking for a channel through which to give assistance to churches that need help? Take advantage of the GARBC ministry Baptist Builders Club. Director Michael Nolan stays in close contact with our churches when disaster strikes. Your gifts to Baptist Builders Club will help up churches out of the debris of destruction. Donate online.

Council of Eighteen, Representing Churches in GARBC

On Nov. 12–14, the Council of Eighteen will meet to give guidance to the work of our association, determine policies, and help and support churches as they carry out the Great Commission. In looking toward the upcoming meeting, if you have input for the council regarding our association, please contact a Council of Eighteen member or National Representative John Greening.

Regular Baptists around the Country


2, 3: ILMO ARBC northern and southern state youth Falltastic
2, 3: Biblical Counseling Ministries seminars, Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
3: CARBC Round Up, Victory Ranch, Moreno Valley, Calif.
8: Mississippi Valley Pastors Fellowship/Book Club, Brown Street
Baptist Church, Alton, Ill.
8–10: WARBC ladies’ scrapbooking retreat, Camp Fairwood, Westfield, Wis.
9: Future Preachers’ Conference, Faith Baptist Bible College, Ankeny, Iowa
9, 10: Arizona ARBC annual meeting
16, 17: IARBC Back on Track youth rally, Ankeny Baptist Church, Ankeny, Iowa

GARBC Staff Itineraries

John Greening
4: Pillar of Faith Baptist Church, Naperville, Ill.
12–14: GARBC Council of 18 meeting, Schaumburg, Ill.

Alex Bauman
12–14: GARBC Council of 18 meeting, Schaumburg, Ill.

Chris Hindal
4: Springwater Baptist Church, Daegu, South Korea
11: Baptist Churches in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
12: Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches leaders’ meeting
13: Council of 18 meeting online from Bangladesh
15: Unger’s Bible Handbook dedication service
18: Grace Baptist Church, Bangkok, Thailand
21: Thailand Baptist church associations meeting
25: Baptist churches, Myitkyina, Myanmar
29: Myanmar Baptist church associations meeting

John Murdoch

1: Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary chapel, Ankeny, Iowa
10, 11: Bailey Road Baptist Church, North Jackson, Ohio
12–14: GARBC Council of 18 meeting, Schaumburg, Ill.
15: Indiana State Police chaplaincy training, Franklin, Indiana
17–19: First Baptist Church, Cass City, Mich.
29, 30: U.S. Army Chaplain School, Fort Jackson, S.C.

Michael Nolan
12–14: GARBC Council of 18 meeting, Schaumburg, Ill.
13, 14: Baptist Builders Club board meeting, Schaumburg, Ill.