TFC_Poster2015_thumbTalents For Christ: Register by March 11
Talents For Christ advances teens in growing in their confidence, developing their talents, expanding their commitment to serving Christ, and enhancing their spiritual walk. Encourage teens in your church to get involved! Individuals and/or groups can participate in scholarship or open (non-scholarship) competitions. Deadline for registering for scholarship, state open, and state group competitions is March 11. Point teens in your church toward registration today!

GARBC Resource Center Readies for RelocationStaff_inline(1)
The GARBC has formally closed on the sale of its Schaumburg, Illinois, resource center, as well as on the purchase of a new facility located in nearby Arlington Heights.

John Greening, GARBC national representative, says, “We are excited about our move. Our new location should provide a pleasant and creative environment for the staff, allowing us to better serve our fellowshipping churches, ministry partners, and customers.”

Michael Nolan, GARBC CFO/treasurer, has been working through the closing details of both the sell and the purchase. The current focus of the facility transition is to retrofit the new property and plan the move to minimize the amount of disruption to daily operations. Moving to the new building is scheduled to take place at the end of April.

Your Council of Eighteen Nomination Matters!
No central authority for us independent Baptists! Your church can nominate and elect candidates for the Council of Eighteen. The election process is not tied to how much $ you give in supporting the association or what size church you lead. Every church has equal voting privileges. Represent your area of the country by submitting nominations for the Council of Eighteen online, by fax (847.843.3757), or by e-mail. Download a nomination form. Nominations due March 31.

Updating Info for Good Communication
Has your church e-mail address changed? Does your church have a new web address? Has a new pastor joined your staff? A GARBC information packet was sent to churches last month, which included a church directory update form. If you do not have that form, please e-mail an update to Feel free to send changes whenever they occur. Let’s work together by making it easy to contact one another as sister churches!

Apply Now for GARBC Fellowship
Is your church not in the GARBC, but you are considering the possibility of fellowshipping in the association? The GARBC staff can help you by providing materials to distribute to your church family and by guiding you through the application process. For pastors already in GARBC churches, please invite pastoral colleagues and their churches to fellowship in the association. Together our voice for truth can be stronger!

GARBC Team ItinerariesGARBC Logo Small

Gladly Serving Churches
MARCH 2015

John Greening
National Representative
2, 3: Regional Connect conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
5, 12, 19: “D.I.Y. Strategic Planning” online learning lab, Regular Baptist Web Community

Alex Bauman
Director of Regular Baptist Press

Participating in home church, New Life Baptist Church, Lake in the Hills, Illinois

Chris Hindal
Director of International Ministry
15: Chelsea Baptist Church, Atlantic City, New Jersey (a.m.)
15: Washington Baptist Church, Turnersville, New Jersey (p.m.)
16–18: ABWE board meeting, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
21, 22: New Life Baptist Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania

John Murdoch
Director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy
13–15: Indiana Wing Conference CAP, Nashville, Indiana
22: First Baptist Church, Brunswick, Ohio

Michael Nolan
Director of Baptist Builders Club and Strategic Ministry Growth
Connecting churches and ministry organizations with Regular Baptist ministries


GARBC_iconRegular Baptists around the Country
MARCH 2015

2, 3: Regional Connect conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
5: IL-MO Mississippi Valley pastors’ fellowship, Delhi Baptist Church, Jerseyville, Illinois
7: EMARBC, Men Modeling the Master conference, First Baptist Church, Vassar, Michigan
7: WARBC teen volleyball jamboree, Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
13, 14: Grand Rapids Association of Regular Baptist Churches’ Church Ministries Conference, Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan
19: IL-MO Cardinal regional ladies’ fellowship, Germantown Hills Baptist Church, Metamora, Illinois
19–21: Ladies’ crafting and connecting weekend, Camp Fairwood, Westfield, Wisconsin
20, 21: Northeast Fellowship youth seminars; First Baptist Church, Marilla, New York; Open Door Baptist Church, Woodstock, New York; Calvary Baptist Church, Norwich, New York; First Baptist Church, Horseheads, New York
21: IL-MO Mockingbird regional ladies’ fellowship, Bible Baptist Church, Rantoul, Illinois
23: IL-MO Great River pastors’ fellowship, Calvary Baptist Church, Quincy, Illinois
23, 24: 16:5 Conference, Northridge Church, Rochester, New York
27, 28: Joy of Teaching seminar, First Baptist Church, Rochester, Michigan
28: IL-MO Talents For Christ competition, Delhi Baptist Church, Jerseyville, Illinois