Beat the High Cost of Fuel

Did you know that Iowa has some of the least expensive gas in the U.S.? Come the GARBC Annual Conference and fill up your car tank and your heart! Renew spiritually and emotionally by attending the 2008 Conference. An excellent line-up of speakers and workshop leaders will fill up your hungry heart. While attending the Conference, it’s always fun to fill up your food tank as well. Cedar Rapids offers interesting eating places such as Zindrick’s Czech Restaurant in the city’s Czech Village-their old world recipes make for delicious eating!

GLS TEAM 300 Reaches Halfway Mark!

GLS TEAM 300 is about to pass the halfway mark and move into the last lap. Chris Hindal reports that nearly 150 families/churches have committed to giving $30 a month. These commitments enable GLS to distribute RBP Sunday School and VBS curriculum to 200 local churches in 40 countries. An additional 150 families, making a similar commitment, will guarantee that these developing Baptist churches around the globe will have the tools needed to effectively carry out the Great Commission.

GARBC Churches Asked; RBP Delivers!

Writers, Editors, Graphic Artists are putting the finishing touches on RBP’s NEW Children’s Sunday School Curriculum for the upcoming fall quarter. You won’t want to miss ordering this Bible-centered, teacher friendly, student engaging, parent informing, exciting curriculum, available in NKJV or KJV! For a preview, check out our children’s ministries Planting Faith and Growing Faith websites!

Hello South America!

GARBC International Director and wife, Chris and Deb Hindal, report that Peru Baptist Bible College and Church Association, Trujillo, Peru, has become an official partner in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM). We praise the Lord for this ministry in Peru, the second South American country to link with the IPFBM. You might wish to email a note of welcome to director, Enoc Príncipe. Edward Zacarías is the school’s President.

Welcome to Baptist Bulletin New TEAM

Special thanks to Grace Baptist Church, Plover, WI, for subscribing to the TEAM plan for the Baptist Bulletin. The TEAM plan offers the Bulletin to churches at great savings, only $8 per year per subscriber. Find out more by visiting the Baptist Bulletin website. Stay current; stay informed! Subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin.