Look What’s Coming!
Don’t miss the January/February issue of the Baptist Bulletin! Check-out Leader’s Digest, a new two-page feature by Jim Vogel, Associate GARBC National Representative, packed with ministry resources for church leaders. Also you will find a fascinating article on crisis pregnancy centers, and an interview with Phil Dawson, kicker for the Cleveland Browns. Have you seen the Baptist Bulletin lately? Managing editor, Kevin Mungons, is stepping the magazine up a notch. Lead the way for your church in subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin! Contact Lynne Goemaat, subscriptions manager, to learn about discount rates for church families.

Praise regarding Recent Baptisms
Baptism A memo from Rev. H.C. Stephen, New Testament Baptist Churches Association Representative, Manipur, India:
“Praise the Lord! Last Sunday I had the privilege of baptizing 37 young people in a riverside baptism service.”

Rev. Stephen is a good friend in the International Ministries network of the GARBC. Read of the Lord’s blessing in the International Partnerships of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM). Wouldn’t your church like to form a friendship with a like-minded church across the world? View our listing of International Partners and start an email friendship. You might like to email a note of rejoicing to Pastor Stephen .

Welcome South America!
During a recent trip to Guyana, GARBC International Ministries Director, Chris Hindal, and his wife, Deb, met and became friends with the newest IPFBM partner and the first partner from South America, the Guyana Association of Baptist Churches. The Guyana Association President, Everard Cadogan, and Brother David Cole escorted the Hindals as they visited the participating churches churches in Berbice as well as in Georgetown. During this same trip, the Hindals were pleased to learn as they visited Peru that the Association of Baptist Churches in Trujillo, Peru, voted to fellowship in the IPFBM , becoming the second partner from a South American country. Associations of like-minded Baptist churches in Brazil, Argentina, Boliva, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana,Chile…we’d love to hear from you!

GARBC Team Serves Churches
Our staff is on the road, assisting churches in a multitude of ways. Perhaps one of our team members will be ministering near you.

John Greening
Jan 11 & 12, Men’s Leadership Conference, Grace Baptist, Harlan, IA
Jan 13, Grace Baptist, Harlan, IA
Jan 14 & 15, BCP Church Planting Symposium, Elyria, OH
Jan 18 & 19, Leadership Seminar, Evangel Baptist Church, Taylor MI
Jan 20 & 22, Baptist Bible College board meeting, Clarks Summit, PA
Jan 23 & 24, Baptist Bible College chapel, Clarks Summit, PA
Jim Vogel
Jan 4-6, South Baptist Church, Flint, MI
Jan 11-12, Wisconsin Prayer Summit, Stevens Point, WI
Jan 14 & 15, BCP Church Planting Symposium, Elyria, OH
Jan21-23, Baptist Bible College board meeting, Clarks Summit, PA
Chris Hindal
Feb 10, Calvary Baptist Church, Flint, MI
Feb 17, Slater Baptist Church, Slater, IA
Feb 24, Berea Baptist Church, Berea, OH
John Murdoch
Jan 5-7, Committee on Ministry in Specialized Settings, Washington, DC
Jan 7, Briefing, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC
Jan 8 & 9, National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces and Endorsers Conference on Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy, Washington, DC
Jan 10, Endorsers briefing, Armed Forces Chaplains Board, the Pentagon, Washington, DC
Jan 13, Allentown Baptist Church, Fort Washington, MD
Jan 20, Hunts Corners Baptist Church, Marathon, NY
Michael Nolan
Jan 14 & 15, BCP Church Planting Symposium, Elyria, OH
Feb 3, Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, IL
Chris Brown
Jan 14 – 17, National Youth Ministry Conference, Winona Lake, IN
Feb 18-23, Spanish Training DVD recording – BCP, Palmhurst, TX