A Christmas Gift for the Association

352 out of 1300+churches give financial support to the GARBC. Do you experience the benefits of being in the Association but do not give any financial support in return? If you enjoy the fellowship among pastors and churches, value the GARBC’s consistent Biblical stand, and appreciate the help the Resource Center staff provides to pastors and churches, won’t you consider giving to the GARBC general fund? Would you lead the way for your church to add support for the GARBC in next year’s budget? Please express your appreciation through monthly support or a Christmas gift to the GARBC, 1300 N. Meacham Road, Schaumburg, IL, 60173.

Voices to Be Heard

An association’s strongest assets are the people who comprise it. The GARBC’s brain trust is amazing; the voices behind those brains need to be heard! Young Baptist leaders within the GARBC have incredible ideas on ministering. Older leaders have a depth of knowledge and ministry savvy. It is time to bring the two groups together! Old and young make a terrific combination. Recently a group of young Baptist leaders joined the Council of 18 at their meetings in Chicago. Together the participants came up with great ideas to let the voices be heard and to rejuvenate the Association. Whether you are young or old, the GARBC offers you the opportunity to lead and influence. Help us think of ways to get the old and young in gear in moving the Association forward. Get in on this important web discussion Thursday, December 18, 2:30 p.m. CST, and let your voice be heard!

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Church Planting Initiative Advances

churchplanting.jpgThe Council of Eighteen and young Baptist leaders at the November Council meeting considered ways for the Association to foster a church planting movement, using its people and resources. To expand the group’s knowledge of church planting possibilities, Chris Hindal, GARBC International Representative, shared church planting models that he has observed overseas. John Greening, GARBC National Representative, led the administrative team in describing resources that Association ministries have available for church planting. Also during a broadcasted phone interview,  Roger Ridley, veteran church planter, and his protegee, Blane Barfknecht, who is also planting a church, shared insights from their church planting experiences. Council members and young Baptist leaders formed breakout groups to discuss thoughts and ideas from the presentations and to transfer concepts learned to U.S.A. church planting.(See Baptist Bulletin 2009 Jan./Feb. issue for more details.) In addition to the Council discussion, a church planting task force has held three  Go To Meeting web sessions to discuss ways to facilitate a church planting movement in the Association.

Church Joins Baptist Bulletin Team

A shout “hooray” for Pastor Alex Bauman and Murray Baptist Church, Murray, Iowa, subscribing to the Baptist Bulletin! Thanks much! Your church can take advantage of deep discounts by subscribing to the Bulletin in a group plan. For more information contact Lynne Goemaat, 888-588-1600 ext.833/

Baptists Around the Country

29, 30  ESFRBC Get Away, Corning, NY
29-31  IARBC Pastors’ Kids Retreat, Ventura, IA
30-1/1 Teen Leadership Conference, Antelope, OR

2, 3    MARBC Winterfest, Duluth, MN
9, 10  AARBC Youth Retreat, Prescott Valley, AZ
11, 12 WARBC Men’s Prayer Summit, Stevens Point, WI
16, 17 MARBC Couples Retreat, Hermantown, MN
17       OARBC Winter Hike with the Warrens
17       AARBC Camp Committee Meeting
19-21 CARBC Annual Christian Workers’ Retreat, Cambria, CA
20      Garden State Fellowship Wintere Meeting, Turnersville, NJ
26, 27 ESFRBC Winter Conference, Bath, NY
30, 31 IARBC Mid-Winter Couples Retreat, Johnston, IA