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Connecting with Missionaries

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Global Outlook

Our church is like many churches that struggle financially. We still desire to encourage missionaries! When missionaries phone to inquire about scheduling a meeting, I explain that our church is unable to support them at that time, but I ask the callers to let us know when they will be in the area, and I invite them to set up their displays on a Sunday or Wednesday so they can meet our people, give out their prayer cards and material, and introduce themselves briefly during the service. Often a missionary’s introduction occurs immediately before our offering, so I ask him or her to pray. At the end of our service, I dismiss the missionary to be at his or her display. Though we cannot promise a love offering, many times missionaries have been given money, taken out to dinner, or had an individual sign up to support their ministries. Our people participate wholeheartedly.
Missionaries tell us that they accomplish almost as much as having a whole service to present their ministries. Also they express thanks for being ministered to through our preaching and worship. Often I let them know that our church will remember them when considering support for that field when our financial situation improves. Though this may sound like the strange phenomena of “speed dating” for couples, we have made great relationships with missionaries through brief encounters that otherwise we might have missed.Don Workman, Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Streetsboro, Ohio