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Dear Friends,

By February 24, 2006June 19th, 2014No Comments


Often the beginning of a new year prompts us to reconsider our ministry goals. As we seek the Lord’s guidance for the upcoming year, we take a look back to see what has been accomplished and a look forward to ponder what the Lord might do through us. Often in ministry, our desire to “make things happen” runs ahead of reality. Our church people may not share the same fervent desire to see the church’s ministry develop.

Our frustrated plans remind us of the need to patiently help our people get on board with the vision. No matter if the progress is slow or fast, we come back to the fact that our ministries belong to the Lord. May this issue of Synergy encourage us as we look forward to what the Lord has for our ministries in 2006.

In service with you,
John and Daria