Re-energize Your Ministry–See New Edition of Synergy
The fall edition of Synergy contains useful and practical ideas to re-energize your ministry. You will find information on “Learning Biblical Distinctives of Baptist Churches” (quiz), “A Teaching Covenant,” “Making the Church Budget Part of the Sermon,” “Chaplains Open Ministry Doors,” “Camper Gives Back,” “For Women (and Men Who Cook),” “Refreshing Retreat,” “Boosting a Missionary,” and “GARBC Literature Items.” Our thanks to Jim Vogel, Scott Greening, Mike Stallard, Luke Torres, and Deb Hindal for their contributions.

From Good to Great
How does a church move from a good educational program to a great one? A key factor is training. Helps you teachers and leaders raise their vision and passion for ministry by encouraging them to attend a BuildUP Seminar! Better yet, subsidize their training by paying all or part of their registration. Check below for the BuildUP Seminar nearest you.

Effective training for teachers

Equipping teachers to provide spiritual learning that lasts

Fall 2007

October 27: Riverside Baptist Church, Decatur, Illinois

Find out more information by calling 1-888-588-1600, ext. 887.

Advanced training for teachers

Learning to teach like Jesus to make an eternal impact

Spring 2008

February 23: Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, Vacaville, California
Discover more about this helpful seminar by calling 1-888-588-1600, ext. 887.

Strategic planning for church leaders

Assisting church leaders in developing a comprehensive plan for building Christ’s church His way

Fall 2007

October 12: Regular Baptist Ministries Resource Center, Schaumburg, Illinois

October 26: Heritage Baptist Church, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Spring 2008

February 22: Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, Vacaville, California

Learn more by calling 1-888-588-1600, ext. 887.

Relevant training for youth workers

Developing a big-picture strategy that impacts students for a lifetime of godly living

Fall 2007

October 20: South Baptist Church, Flint, Michigan

Spring 2008

January 26: Bethany Baptist Church, Salem, Oregon

Bring a BuildUP seminar to your area. Contact Tony Randolph, 1-888-588-1600.