Build Strong Churches
Would you like to expand your thinking about ministry and develop your ability to serve? Invite a Regular Baptist Staff member to speak or conduct a workshop at your church:

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Men’s Leadership Conference
Grace Baptist Church, Harlan, Iowa, is hosting its fourth annual men’s leadership conference, January 11 and 12. Join brothers in Christ for this enriching time of honing leadership skills in the home and in the church. The conference will feature the theme, Building Towards Spiritual Maturity, with speaker, John Greening. The registration fee of $15 includes notebooks, snacks, and breakfast on Saturday morning. See the Grace Baptist website or contact host pastor, Greg White, for registration and information.

The Living Word Bible Conference

West Cannon

Registration is open for West Cannon’s second annual Bible Conference and Pastors’ Seminar, February 25-27. The West Cannon Conference provides fellowship, encouragement, and renewal for those who are battling on the front lines and includes sessions geared just for women. The inerrancy, sufficiency, and the authority of God’s Word are being called into question by those who profess orthodoxy. This is not a new threat to God’s Word and the church, but its postmodern packaging demands closer examination. Walter Kaiser, Steve Lawson, Jim Grier, Jason Nightingale, and Jeannie Vogel are the featured speakers this year. Each of them is committed to the Word of God and has been uniquely gifted in communicating His Living Word. To register, visit the conference website at

The Great Commission Starts with You!

Every believer has the God-given assignment of sharing the gospel and building up people in their faith. Learn how you might more effectively teach God’s Word and engage people in serving by attending a BuildUP Seminar . Would you like a BuildUP seminar to come to your area? Contact Andrea Gower, 1-888-588-1600, ext. 899.

Advanced training for teachers

Learning to teach like Jesus to make an eternal impact

Spring 2008

  • February 23: Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, Vacaville, California
  • April 12: Ashburn Baptist Church, Orland Park, Illinois

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Strategic planning for church leaders
Assisting church leaders in developing a comprehensive plan for building Christ’s church His way

Spring 2008

  • February 22: Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, Vacaville, California

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Relevant training for youth workers

Developing a big-picture strategy that impacts students for a lifetime of godly living

Spring 2008

  • January 26: Bethany Baptist Church, Salem, Oregon
  • March 29: Calvary Baptist Church, Battle Creek, Michigan