God desires that we all lead. Some of us lead as parents or teachers, some as pastors or deacons, and others in many more God-given roles. But we all must lead ourselves and others to Christ. What does a good leader look like from the inside out? How can we develop ourselves spiritually as leaders and duplicate leadership qualities in others? Pastor Jon Jenks will be the featured speaker on “Cultivating Leaders in the Local Church” as the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches meets Oct. 17 and 18 at Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids.

Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo will host the Renew conference for women Nov. 4 and 5. In addition to guest speaker Martha Peace giving her testimony, she will discuss topics including a high view of God, depression and anxiety, and the feminist influence.

The Northern California association will gather for its meeting Oct. 7 and 8 at Grace Baptist Church in Redding, focusing their attention on Scripture related to the theme “Serving Together.” Instruction from God’s Word will include the topics of building a team, unity of teamwork, preferences in ministry, and focus amidst distraction. Speakers will be Pastor Jon Cook, Pastor Andrew Hawley, and CARBC Representative Bruce McLain.

Jim Showers, executive director of Friends for Israel, will be the featured speaker for the Northeast Fellowship Fall Conference, “Israel and the Church,” Oct. 17 and 18. Northeast Fellowship Executive Director Jim Vogel and his wife, Jeannie, will present a preconference mini-workshop, “Dealing with Discouragement in the Ministry,” at noon Oct. 17, with lunch provided. Calvary Baptist Church in Preble, New York, will host the conference.