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e-INFOImproving Your Ministry SkillsJune 2014

Improving Your Ministry Skills

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Men's workshop participantsValuable Ministry Workshops at GARBC Conference
Skilled workshop leaders who are passionate about their topics will be presenting at the 2014 GARBC Conference, June 23–27, in St. Petersburg, Fla. You will be encouraged and helped in your ministry by attending these workshops. Register now for the conference.

“The Essential Gospel” Workshops

  • “An Insufficient Gospel? Perspectives on the Kingdom, the Church, and Social Justice” by Mike Augsburger
  • “The Integration of the Gospel and Discipleship” by Duke Crawford
  • “How to Make the Gospel Relevant in Your Preaching” by Mike Hess

Ministry Workshops

  • “Preaching Seminar: Planning, Preparing, Preaching” by Bryan Augsburger
  • “Having an Effective Ministry at a Small Church” by Steve Cox
  • “Maximizing the Senior Saints” by Jack Dowden
  • “Shaping Men and Women for Life in Ministry” by Gary and Lois Moosey
  • “Recent Theological Viruses Affecting the Church” by Mike Stallard
  • “The Fear Factor, Hospitality Edition” by Sherry Van Hooser
  • “Creating a Culture of Service” by Don Workman

 Ministries for Women Workshops

  • “Equanimity: A Pastor’s Wife Shares Her Experience and Perspective on Balancing Work and Ministry Roles” by Jill Osborne
  • “Launching an Intentional Ladies’ Ministry with the Smaller Church in Mind” by Linda Pausley
  • “The Fear Factor, Hospitality Edition” by Sherry VanHooser

Computer and Software Discounts Available
Churches and other nonprofit organizations may obtain computers and software at greatly reduced prices from Pastor Ron Shaw of Sunrise Baptist Church, San Jose, Cal., shares this information as he recently had a positive purchasing experience with this company. The GARBC Resource Center has also ordered through this company. To access the discounts, your church will need a 501(c)3 tax exemption verification letter, which the GARBC can provide to churches in the association.