Mentoring Sessions to Begin

Pastors, would you like to interact about ministry?  John Greening and Jim Vogel, GARBC representatives, invite you to consider participating in mentoring sessions to begin March 18. The group will meet online every other week for an hour for a total of 8–10 sessions of instruction and discussion centered on the work of the ministry. To qualify, you must be in vocational ministry or preparing for vocational ministry on the college or seminary level.

Topics will include:

  • The Ministry as a Discipline
  • Keeping the Joy
  • A Best Practices Mindset
  • Tackling Problem Situations
  • Leading Theologically Substantive Worship
  • Character Matters
  • Developing Leaders

If you are interested in participating in this mentoring relationship, please submit an email of request to John Greening or Jim Vogel stating your desire to be included in this group and your reasons for wanting to be involved.