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e-INFOImproving Your Ministry SkillsJanuary 2010

Improving Your Ministry Skills

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Mentoring Focuses on Worship

Leading Theologically Substantive Worship is a topic presented recently by John Greening during an online mentoring session with pastors. Would you like to be part of a mentoring group led by GARBC representatives, John Greening and Jim Vogel? The hour-long sessions take place twice a month. Email to inquire or sign-up for the next mentoring group.

Synergy Ready to View!

Broaden your scope of ministry possibilities–check out the new winter issue of Synergy, the GARBC newsletter geared to those in ministry. Special thanks goes to contributors, Pastor David Garlich, John Greening, Pastor Ron Hemsworth, Jr., Pastor Stan Lightfoot, Pastor Larry Lindow, Pastor Darrel J. Robinson, Sr., Jim Vogel, Pastor John Wooden, and Faith Baptist Church of Salem, Oregon. These colleagues have taken time to share ministry ideas that they have found helpful. In doing so, they are demonstrating care for sister churches. Take a moment now to reply with a ministry idea that has worked for your congregation.

Webinar Exclusive for Indiana Churches 

Theme: Five Practices to Enhance Pastoral Effectiveness
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Time: 10:00 a.m. CT
Webinar leaders: John Greening and Jim Vogel
Cost: Free!

Description: There are no magic formulas to ministry success, but it is possible to improve ministry effectiveness  by  practicing consistently five activities that anyone can do. Our worship, interpersonal relationships, communication, and community perception can be positively developed by regularly carrying out these five activities. Churches in Indiana are invited to take part in this 60-minute instructional webinar and advance another step forward in professional enrichment.

If churches in your state would like John Greening and Jim Vogel to lead an exclusive webinar for them, please email us.