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Being God's Givere-INFOSeptember 2009

Putting Others First: September 2009

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Compassion in Action

Liberia ClassWe have so much, but others have so little. Are you and your church willing to share the spiritual and material wealth that we enjoy in this country? Read on to learn of International Ministry needs and how we can be involved. (Photo: Liberian children in Sunday School but with no Bible materials.)

  • Join Formula 300—For $30 per month, you can help care for shipping costs of Sunday School and VBS curriculum that Regular Baptist Press donates to 40 countries around the world. By doing so, you are directly helping internationals learn the Word of God.
  • Sponsor an international pastor to attend the November International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries Conference in Bangkok. Many of our international partners would like to attend but do not have the funds to do so. You can pay for their registration at $150 per person or assist in their airfare (a ticket for a pastor from Africa costs $1,200).

E-mail Chris Hindal if you would like to learn more about helping these international brothers and ministries. You may also donate online. A little makes a lot when our efforts are combined!

Helping Children Support Missions

Can you remember what fun it was to fill a piggy bank with pennies when you were a child? GospelGLS Bank Literature Services will give you a piggy bank for kids to fill to provide Sunday School and VBS materials to other children far away. The Kids for GLS project is a great way for a family, a Sunday School class, or a Christian school class to build interest in missions. These funds will help pay the shipping costs to get these resources to Asia, Africa, India, and other needy lands.