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Being God's Givere-INFOJuly 2009

Putting Others First: July 2009

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Supplying Puppets for Children in India

Padma Kumar, pastor’s wife in Secunderabad, India, ministers to hundreds of children each month with Regular Baptist Press materials supplied by Gospel Literature Services. Their association of churches, Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministry, one of the GARBC’s international partners, reaches into the tribal areas of India to teach boys and girls about Christ’s salvation.  Padma would like to enhance her teaching by the use of puppets.  Individuals or groups who would like to assist this ministry by making puppets with darker skin like Indian children may email  Padma  for more information.

Interceding through PrayerLink

Praise the Lord that cancer patient Ruby Hol, the  young daughter of Pastor Trent and Lydia Hol, Willow Creek Baptist of West Des Moines, was at the GARBC Conference! We had listed the request for Ruby on GARBC’s online PrayerLink and many of you prayed for her. She had received a good report from her doctor prior to coming to the Conference. Through PrayerLink you can share requests regarding physical needs or garner prayer support for upcoming outreach events or  special ministries that your church is undertaking. It’s good to have the Association family supporting you through the ministry of prayer. Together we can pray more!

Honoring Service Award Recipients

Thank you to Pastor Tom Alexander Pastor Kevin Boggs, Pastor Aaron Hand, Rev. Joe Hayes, Pastor Greg White, and Pastor Don Workman for taking the time to write and submit nominations for recipients of the 2009 GARBC Service Award. It was a pleasure to honor the following faithful servants: Ted and Rose Ertle, Bill Fusco, Dennis and Barb McMichael, and Jeff Willetts. Read more about their dedicated lives—see Baptist Bulletin. Think now about a servant you could nominate for the 2010 GARBC Service Award—nomination forms will be available in January.