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April 2018Being God's Givere-INFO

Being God’s Giver

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Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, reports that on his recent trip to India he met with several pastors in southeast India who need motorcycles to travel to and from their churches. These pastors have no other form of transportation. They are deeply committed to local church ministry. Each pastor is part of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship, a partner with the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. The cost of a motorcycle in India is $800. Are you open to God’s prompting to be the answer to one of these pastors’ prayers? Donate online and type “Asia Project” in the drop-down menu, or send a check payable to Regular Baptist International, with “Asia Project” written in the memo line.

Counsel for pastors and deacons, help with pastoral search, and tax exempt status are just a few of the benefits that the GARBC provides to churches. Daily the Regular Baptist Ministries staff lends assistance to churches by providing resources or sharing counsel. Does your church include the GARBC in its missionary budget? If not, please consider offering the GARBC your prayer and financial support. The Resource Center has recently received regret letters from churches, stating that due to budgetary constraints, they are decreasing or suspending financial support to the association. Perhaps the Lord would have you and your church strengthen the association through your financial giving. Won’t you prayerfully consider providing a gift online? The association needs your help.

Calvary Baptist Church, Quincy, Illinois, is making available a furnished home on its campus for ministry couples and/or families. Pastor Wayne Manago states, “We are calling the home the Ministry House and it is available rent free and utility cost free for short-term, first-come stays. It can be used for those needing a ministry break or are hurting and need a place of spiritual refreshment. Biblical counseling is available if desired.” For more information, contact Pastor Wayne at or 219.628.1300.