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Being God's Givere-INFOJanuary 2016

Being God’s Giver

By January 8, 2016No Comments

Thanks to those who have contributed to the project of providing a new sign for the entryway to the Regular Baptist Resource Center. Our goal is to raise $1,000, of which we have received $400. Won’t you consider giving a new year’s gift to provide the signage for our new ministry location? You can give online; by phone with Michele, 847.843.1600, ext. 818; or by sending a check to GARBC, 3715 N. Ventura Dr., Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

Since the beginning of last month, GARBC National Representative John Greening has assisted eight churches by providing pastoral referrals. Each state and regional association has churches that need pastors; many associations ask for prayer for this need in their newsletters. Won’t you pray for the Lord’s provision of the right pastors who will strengthen the ministries of these sister churches in our association? If you are a candidate seeking a position or a church in the GARBC seeking a pastor, please see GARBC pastoral referral assistance. CHURCHES CONNECT FOR ASSISTANCE
Spring Water Baptist Church in Daegu, South Korea, is now supporting Pastor Andreas Pamuj in Indonesia. Pastor Pamuj is thankful to the church for its financial and prayer support. He used financial support to assist schoolchildren with their rent and for ordination costs, as he was ordained Dec. 1.

Pastor Pamuj asks for prayer “that many people [will] hear the gospel and believe in the Lord Jesus” and “for plans to open a new church in the Region Martapura and evangelism expansion in Muaradua region.”