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Being God's GiverDecember 2015e-INFO

Being God’s Giver

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Christmas Giving_Facebook 1200x627CHRISTMAS GIFTS THAT LAST!
When you give a Christmas gift to support one of the Regular Baptist ministries, you encourage and strengthen believers and churches around the world. Choose one of the following projects to support as an individual, family, or church:

  • Regular Baptist Churches—Sign for New Building: Be part of the historic move of Regular Baptist Ministries to its new location. Help purchase a sign for the front of the building so we can establish our identity in the community.
  • Regular Baptist InternationalSchool Supplies: Provide resources for a Christian school in Nairobi, Kenya. Each students’ supplies, including a textbook, cost $30. The school has 40 students from poor families who cannot provide any support. Total goal: $1,200. Additional funds raised will provide resources for the teachers.
  • Regular Baptist ChaplaincyEncourage Chaplains: Chaplains need support as they provide support for others. Manning Brown, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, encourages chaplains through personal visits, gift cards to enable them to have quality family time, and resources so they can more effectively minister.
  • Regular Baptist Builders ClubPlant a Church: Help the Regular Baptist church-planting movement gain momentum by providing three years of assistance and funds for church plants. Be part of making a stronger future for the association.

Make your donation check paid to the order of one of the ministries above, designating “Christmas giving” on the memo line, and mail to Regular Baptist Ministries, 3715 N. Ventura Dr. Arlington Heights, IL 60004-7678 or call Michele, 888-588-1600, ext. 818, for credit card donations.

The new year ahead provides an opportunity for new initiatives. Would your church entertain the idea of adding Regular Baptist International to your monthly church budget? The international ministries of your association led by Director Chris Hindal include Gospel Literature Services and the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. God is building His church around the world, even in unlikely places. Resourcing national churches with Biblical curriculum and providing pastoral training puts your investment in the hands of nationals who are the best equipped to carry out the work of the Lord in their culture. Prayerfully consider acting on this New Year initiative.