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Being God's Givere-INFOMarch 2015

Being God’s Giver

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Praise and Prayer: GARBC Purchases New FacilityNewBuilding_inline
The staff of the GARBC is praising the Lord for His help in the sale of the Schaumburg, Illinois, resource center building and the purchase of a new facility in nearby Arlington Heights. Please pray for quick approval of building plans for retrofitting the new facility and then for the builders as they remodel. The staff is busy with sorting, tossing, and organizing for the upcoming move to occur in late April.

Manipur_inlineRejoice in Salvation Decisions!
Chong Singsit, U.S. representative for Shalom Academy Ministries in India, a ministry of Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur, India, sendt the following ministry report to the GARBC International Ministries:

Academic training at Shalom Academy goes beyond the classroom to the open field in Bible camps and Vacation Bible Schools. Students from Shalom get involved in the many VBS’s and Bible camps held in several locations throughout the area. With the aid of our students, over a thousand young people heard the gospel because of VBS. The printing of R50,000 (rupees) worth of VBS materials provided by Gospel Literature Services was printed with donations from the churches and an individual within Manipur and used in the VBS’s held throughout the state. We saw over a hundred young people saved through the various VBS’s conducted.