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Being God's Givere-INFOJanuary 2015

Being God’s Giver

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Islam4_inlineInternational Pastors and Wives Facing Increased Threat of Persecution
Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in India as they experience an increased risk of persecution. Pastor Billa Nelson Babu of Biblical Baptist Church Ministries, Karnataka, India, has been elected as a committee member of the Telegu Association, whose main purpose is to oppose persecution and attacks on churches and gospel workers. See Pastor Babu’s update and  “Christianity Under Attack in India.”

In addition, pastors and wives in the International Partnership Fellowship of Baptist Ministries include those ministering in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, and Myanmar, all of which are on the Open Doors World Watch List of the top 50 countries in which Christians are persecuted. Please pray for our brothers and sisters as they stand for their faith in difficult circumstances.

Praise: GARBC Audio LegacyAudioReel_Thumb1
The GARBC has received a generous gift that boosted the Audio Legacy fund to within $2,500 of completion. Audio Legacy is a project in which reel-to-reel tapes of messages from great preachers and leaders of the past will be converted into digital versions and made available on the web. Perpetuating the values of the past makes a solid base for a growing future. Would you guide your church in giving a gift so that these voices can continue to be heard? You may send your gift to GARBC, 1300 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, Ill, 60173 or give online.

BBC_USA_LogoBaptist Builders Club Grants $$ to Churches
In addition to providing financial assistance to churches, the Baptist Builders Club board of administrators has discussed the possibility of coordinating teams to provide labor to help accomplish  applicants’ projects.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Hazel Park, Mich., suffered damage from extensive flooding that occurred in its city. Floodwaters rushed into the church, damaging the entire lower level, including the Sunday School classrooms. The BBC–USA board of administrators granted the church $8,700 toward materials to help the church resume functionality and decided to coordinate volunteer labor teams to help with the project.

Three years ago, Restored Church began in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and received a BBC–USA Start Up grant. Currently, Restored Church needs support to build a section for its children’s ministry. In addition to the previous Start Up grant, BBC–USA’s board granted $7,000 toward the construction and an additional $3,000 worth of strategic and financial planning assistance, Regular Baptist Press teaching materials, leadership and teacher training, and travel assistance to attend the 2015 GARBC Conference.

If your church has a special building-related need, contact Micheal Nolan, director of Baptist Builders Club. BBC–USA’s board of administrators prayerfully considers each request. Please consider being a blessing to sister churches by providing prayer and/or financial support. Sign up today to become a member.