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August 2014Being God's Givere-INFO

Being God’s Giver

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Remembering Your Favorite MinistriesSouthAfricaGLSVBS-150x1501

Consider the following true account of a farmer in Iowa who upon retirement sold his equipment and put the proceeds in a Charitable Remainder Unitrust. The farmer received an annuity payment from Unitrust for 10 years, and the remaining balance of the CRUT was distributed equally between his five favorite ministries.

Recently Gospel Literature Services received a check for $12,500 from this Charitable Unitrust, designated for printing and distributing gospel literature. That single check from a faithful believer will provide a whole year’s Sunday School curriculum for 143 ministries in 25 countries. That couple will meet the people in Heaven who were reached through the stewardship of their assets.

Your children will be encouraged by the inheritance that you leave for them, but what about your stewardship responsibility to your favorite ministries? Estate planning tools will help you do both. It is good to remember ministry organizations such as Gospel Literature Services, GARBC Ministries, and other Biblical ministry organizations when planning your estate.

House of Grace films from Bethesda Baptist Church, Brownsburg, Ind., announces the Aug. 19 DVD release of its latest film. The War Within gives hope through salvation in Christ to those who experience loss, financial hardship, marital stress, or other challenges that life brings their way. This film would be a great discussion starter for sharing Christ with unbelieving friends and acquaintances. Support this Christ-honoring endeavor!

House of Grace is also the producers of the film The Board.