Regular Baptist Church Planting is kicking off its Genesis Initiative with a 30-Day Prayer Challenge beginning Sunday, Oct. 23.

The 30-Day Prayer Challenge will guide you through a series of petitions, igniting a personal passion for the lost and a realization of the need for new churches across America. As you pray in harmony with God’s will, you and your church will experience a renewed commitment to outreach and will grow spiritually.

Check out the prayer prompters in the church guide and individual guide to see how participating in the prayer challenge will sharpen your focus toward Christ and the Great Commission. Sign up at rbChurchPlanting.org.

During the prayer challenge, join the 30/30 offering—30 people giving $30 during the 30 days of prayer—to help us plant five new churches in 2017. Your church adds $100 for a total gift of $1,000. Be one of 50 churches to help us reach our goal of $50,000 by Dec. 31.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. John Greening, GARBC national representative, takes this occasion to express his gratitude to pastors in the association.

“I spent several days in September traveling among pastors’ conferences and churches. I recognized what I have observed time and again during the last two decades in my role as national representative: pastors in our association are quality men. Though at times, you probably appear to your wives to have ministry on the brain, I prefer to call it ministry on the heart. You love the Word, you love the Savior, and you love God’s flock because you have a heart after God’s heart. You are good, good men who deserve a big shout-out during Pastor Appreciation Month. Three cheers for you guys!!! I am proud of you.”

Ed Fuller (WARBC)

Ed Fuller (WARBC)

Dave Warren (OARBC)

Dave Warren (OARBC)

Two of the Lord’s choice servants are retiring from their ministries as state representatives. Dave Warren of Ohio and Ed Fuller of Wisconsin have announced their retirement. The Ohio and Wisconsin state associations are seeking the Lord’s leading for the right men to carry on the fine work of Dr. Warren and Rev. Fuller, who have committed themselves wholeheartedly to the care of churches.

Regular Baptist Press International (formerly Gospel Literature Services) has established a printing operation in India and is seeking to open up a similar operation in China. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and Michael Nolan, director of strategic ministry growth for Regular Baptist Ministries, met with leaders in Hong Kong to see if God will open this door of tremendous opportunity. The Chinese leaders they met with expressed great interest, asking RBP International to consider producing a side-by-side version of Bible curriculum in English and Chinese. This would lend itself to an opportunity for students to learn English as they study the Bible. Pray that this door will open wide. God must love the Chinese people; He made so many of them!

Regular Baptist Ministries staff members Clare Jewell, Darrell Goemaat, and John and Daria Greening had an extremely profitable trip in September to Oregon and California. Their primary focus was to befriend and encourage pastors of church plants and to gain a greater awareness of what is happening on the church-planting front in association circles.

They were thrilled by what they saw and experienced in their visits with two Spanish-speaking congregations, a Vietnamese congregation, a Karen tribal congregation from Myanmar, a Filipino congregation, a deaf congregation, as well as an Anglo congregation. In addition, Darrell Goemaat had an exceptional visit with a Pakistani pastor and his wife.

A great mendezethnic diversity makes up many communities in our nation. The powerful gospel changes lives so that different ethnic groups are able to worship side by side despite tensions that exist in society.

Besides visiting churches in the San Francisco Bay area and Portland, the group spent three excellent days of interaction with pastors and wives of the Baptist Network Northwest at the beautiful setting of Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. John Greening enjoyed a positive time of interaction with the Council of Fifteen and with the Network’s newly appointed director, David Lunsford.

See www.rbChurchPlanting.org for articles and photos of the church-planting tour.

1: Northern CARBC ladies’ retreat, Grace Baptist Church, Eureka, California
1: IARBC singles’ outing, John 15 Vineyard, Scranton, Iowa
1: Camp Fairwood ladies’ retreat, Westfield, Wisconsin
1: Montana Regular Baptist Fellowship Bible conference, First Baptist Church, Polson, Montana
3, 4: IL-MO ARBC Conference, Faith Baptist Church, Morris, Illinois
3, 4: Mid-Continent ARBC conference, Westlink Regular Baptist Church, Wichita, Kansas
3–5: Northeast Fellowship trip to Philadelphia and Valley Forge
6, 7: IARBC pastors’ and wives’ Refresh retreat, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, Clear Lake, Iowa
7, 8: Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Reboot college retreat, Clear Lake, Iowa
7, 8: CARBC southern ladies’ retreat, Victory Ranch, Moreno Valley, California
7, 8: CARBC northern annual meeting, Grace Baptist Church, Redding, California
17–22: MN ARBC bus trip to the Ozarks
17, 18: Northeast Fellowship Bible conference, Calvary Baptist Church, Preble, New York
17, 18: MARBC conference, 2 locations: Northeastern Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Northland Camp and Conference Center, Dunbar, Wisconsin
17, 18: Sunshine Baptist Fellowship conference, Avon Park, Florida
17, 18: IL-MO ARBC Quad Cities pastors’ fellowship, Crosstown Baptist Church, Silvis, Illinois
17, 18: WARBC conference, Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
20: IL-MO ARBC Cardinal ladies’ regional meeting, Camp Manitoumi, Lowpoint, Illinois
20–22: CARBC central ladies’ retreat, Hartland Christian Camp, Badger, California
21, 22: CARBC southern men’s retreat, Victory Ranch, Moreno Valley, California
22: OARBC ladies’ meeting, Hope Baptist Church, Akron, Ohio
24: OARBC retirement reception for David and Pat Warren, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, Ohio
24–26: OARBC conference, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, Ohio
25: OARBC Ohio Women for Missions meeting, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, Ohio
25: OARBC ladies’ tea, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, Ohio
27–29: Camp Fairwood teen retreat, Westfield, Wisconsin

Gladly Serving Churches

John Greening
National Representative
6: Pastoral search consultation, Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Illinois
8: Grace Community Baptist Church, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
24, 25: OARBC Conference, Smithville, Ohio
30: Grace Baptist Church, Gary, Indiana

Manning Brown
Director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy
1, 2: Emmanuel Baptist Church missions conference, Flint, Michigan

Chris Hindal
Director of Regular Baptist International
2: Bandar Lumpung Baptist Churches
3, 4: Sumatra Team Association pastors’ conference
5–8: Antiokhia Mengabdi Indonesia Association pastors’ conference
9: Baptist church, Manila, Philippines
10–12: Searching venue for IPFBM World Conference, Philippines

Clare Jewell
National Coordinator of Regular Baptist Church Planting
6–8: STEER missions conference, Bismarck, North Dakota
16: Lakewood Park Baptist Church, Auburn, Indiana
17, 18: MARBC conference, Northeastern Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan
21: Clarks Summit University, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
22, 23: Steamtown Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania
25–28: Corban University missions conference, Salem, Oregon
30: Willow Creek Baptist Church, West Des Moines, Iowa

Michael Nolan
Director of Regular Baptist Builders Club and Strategic Ministry Growth
1, 2: Friendship Baptist Church, Buffalo, New York
13, 14: First Baptist Church, Elyria, Ohio
16: Grace Baptist Church, Washington, Indiana
20, 21: Clarks Summit University, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania