David Gunn: RBP’s New Editorial Director of PublicationsGunn_Inline
Regular Baptist Press is proud to welcome David Gunn as its new editorial director of publications. His responsibilities include overseeing development for all non-curriculum products, including the Baptist Bulletin, books, Bible studies, and Vacation Bible School.

“For nearly a century the GARBC and its publishing arm, RBP, have played a vital role in equipping, strengthening, and mobilizing the Regular Baptist sector of American Christianity,” Gunn says. “I count it a blessing and an honor to participate in this great work that God has established for our good and His glory.”

Gunn comes to RBP with experience as an educator, as well as having served as minister of music and worship leader in previous churches. David has a BA in Bible and theology from Shasta Bible College, MDiv from Corban University School of Ministry, and ThM from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and is currently finishing work on a PhD in systematic theology from Baptist Bible Seminary. He was ordained to the gospel ministry by Grace Baptist Church, Redding, Calif., in 2011.

“David is a great addition to the staff,” says Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press. “His experience and education bring a fresh perspective to RBP while ensuring our commitment to produce Biblically sound materials.”

Big Savings for Your Church
How would your church like to save $6,777.55? That’s what Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, did by taking advantage of a new group subscription rate for the Baptist Bulletin, providing complete access to the online version of the publication to every member of the church. The digital version, Bb Plus, mirrors the print edition, but has additional content available exclusively online.

BBplusLaunch-copy-Copy1“The Baptist Bulletin is our flagship publication” says David Gunn, managing editor of the Baptist Bulletin. “As an association of doctrinally like-minded churches, it is important that we are all aware of what is happening in our churches and staying current on issues that directly impact all of us. The Baptist Bulletin is ideal for communicating to everyone in the congregation, not just pastors and other ministry leaders.”

The group subscription makes this information available and affordable. Now is a great time to join the Baptist Bulletin team! Learn how to subscribe by viewing www.baptistbulletin.org or by contacting Lynne Goemaat, 847.585.0833.


NewWebsite A single gateway for the GARBC and its ministries is here! The new design of GARBC.org will allow users to experience easier navigation, increased access to resources, and greater search functionality. The Baptist Bulletin website will now feature articles that appear in the digital edition. Daily updates on news and happenings within our association and network can now be found at GARBC.org. Look around and get excited about what is happening in our association across the country and around the globe. We hope you enjoy the new look and design!

Help Baptist Builders Club Get PreparedBBC-Disaster-Relief-Logo1-150x150

Do you have a plan for if your home or community is ever destroyed by a flood, earthquake, tornado, or other catastrophe? Where would you stay? Who would you call? Who would help you clean up?

You might struggle to answer these questions, especially since catastrophes occur without warning. One thing is certain: catastrophes will continue to happen. Baptist Builders Club is expanding its ministry to include Disaster Relief. This program assists churches that are using their facilities as shelters and staging areas to assist the hurting when a catastrophe occurs. Through their ministry of care and assistance, churches have opportunities to be shining lights for the gospel in their communities.

BBC–USA is raising money to fill a trailer with the needed supplies and materials to assist in times of catastrophe. BBC–USA needs your help immediately to fill a trailer so it can be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Here are three ways you can help: become a member of BBC–USA, Pray, Give, or Go. For more information and a complete list of needed supplies, see BBC–USA Disaster Relief.

Regular Baptists around the CountryGARBC_icon
2: IARBC singles’ event, Madrid, Iowa
4–9: New Life Island family camp, Upper Black Eddy, Pa.
4–9: Camp Fairwood family camp, Westfield, Wis.
7–17: IARBC State Fair ministry, Des Moines, Iowa
15, 16: MARBC men’s retreat, Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago, Minn.
15, 16: IL-MO men’s retreat, Camp Manitoumi, Low Point, Ill.
16: IARBC state youth Go Conference, Williamsburg, Carroll, and Nevada, Iowa
22, 23: IARBC men’s retreat, Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, Ventura, Iowa
22, 23: MARBC women’s retreat, Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago, Minn.
29–Oct. 1: Camp Fairwood Labor Day family camp, Westfield, Wis.
29–Oct. 1: IL-MO Labor Day retreat, Camp Manitoumi, Low Point, Ill.

garbc_logo_small-100x1502GARBC Staff Itineraries
John Greening
15, 16: IL-MO men’s retreat, Camp Manitoumi, Low Point, Ill.
24: Grace Baptist Church, Lombard, Ill.
26: Baptist Church Planters presidential inauguration, Cleveland, Ohio

Alex Bauman
5: RBP webinar “Truth for Living in a Faux World”  (6:00 CST)

Chris Hindal
3: Faith Baptist Church, Amherst, Ohio (a.m.)
3: Calvary Baptist Church, Sandusky, Ohio (p.m.)
10: First Baptist Church, Willowick, Ohio
17: Millersburg Baptist Church, Millersburg, Ohio (a.m.)
17: Calvary Baptist Church of Moffitt Heights, Massillion, Ohio (p.m.)
24: Northfield Baptist Church, Northfield, Ohio (a.m.)
24: First Baptist Church, Wellington, Ohio (p.m.)
26: Baptist Church Planters presidential inauguration, Cleveland, Ohio
31: Abbe Road Baptist Church, Elyria, Ohio

John Murdoch
1: Change of office/retirement ceremony, RADM Mark Tidd CHC, USN and RADM (sel) Margaret Kibben CHC, USN, Washington, D.C.
12–16: USAF Auxiliary National Conference and Chaplaincy senior leadership meeting, Las Vegas, Nev.
17: Oasis Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nev.
21: Law Appreciation Day, Bible Baptist Church, Kokomo, Ind.
24: Fellowship Baptist Church, Jasper, Ind.

 Michael Nolan
1: Berean Baptist Church, Fremont, Calif.
3: Sunrise Valley Baptist Church, San Jose, Calif.