Refresh Retreat for Pastors and Wives Hits the Mark


Muddy Obstacle Course Draws in 250 Students


Baptist Builders Club Announces Increase in Grant/Loan Amount


Senior Saints Take Trip to New York City


Conference Casts Vision for Churches in India


I Don't Understand

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  • I Don't Understand

    I Don't Understand

    Organizations often choose names that advertise their purpose or emphasis. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates aviation. The American Automobile Association helps drivers of automobiles. Alcoholics ...more

  • God Is Worthy of Our Trust

    God Is Worthy of Our Trust

    I am convinced that if you trust in something or someone, you already absolutely believe that something or someone is worthy of your trust. Furthermore, ...more

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  • Free Webinar: "The Question Churches Rarely Ask"

    Free Webinar: "The Question Churches Rarely Ask"

    For churches that are committed to taking care of their pastors but are on tight budgets, there is always a hidden concern: "What if our pastor gets sick or injured and can no longer work? How could we take care of him financially and still have money in the budget to call a new pastor?" ...more