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Women’s Hobby Outreach

By February 11, 2008June 19th, 2014No Comments

Do ladies in your church have special hobbies? Why not turn their hobbies into outreach opportunities? The format is simple: Women get together once or twice a month to work on their hobbies. Your women’s group can provide refreshments, or ladies can bring their own snacks. The key is to invite unsaved women to the meeting, build friendships, and make bridges to share the gospel. You can include a short devotional that presents the gospel. If the group is larger, ask permission of your pastor to meet in the church building. Otherwise you can gather in the cozy atmosphere of homes. Once you get organized, you can publicize your meetings through a free posting in a newspaper or community bulletin board.

Visitors who come will need special attention so they do not feel like outsiders in your circle of Christian friends. Before you meet, pray that visitors will feel welcomed and loved. Watch your conversation to make sure there is no gossip, controversial topics, or complaining about things in your church. Be careful not to mention other religions in a negative way. These admonitions apply to Christian women at all times, but Satan might tempt you to hurt your testimony when you have unsaved friends present.

This type of ministry is a win-win activity. You will enjoy the time of participating in your hobby, hanging out with friends, and reaching others for Christ. Hobby ideas that work well with a group include scrapbooking, quilting, card making, and jewelry making. E-mail me to let me know if you have other hobbies that would work for this type of outreach. Have fun!

Jeannie Vogel
Women’s Ministries Coordinator, GARBC

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