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Synergy: Working Together, Accomplishing More

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How do you define synergy? According to the Encarta dictionary, synergy is the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities. In the GARBC, “synergy” is our middle name.  As you read this issue of Synergy, thank the Lord for fellow ministry leaders and sister churches who share ministry ideas and resources!

Synergy is ready for your viewing!

Check out the winter issue:

Building Your Ministry

  • Pastoral Fine Points—John Greening (Schaumburg, Ill.)
  • Avoiding E-mail Miscues—Tim Richie (Clarks Summit, Pa.)

Global Outlook

  • Why Not a Multiethnic Church?—Eldon Brock (Sebring, Fla.)
  • Skype Connection with Missionaries—Jon Jenks and DeEtte Mann (Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.)
  • Reaching the Nations among Us—Ariel Abadiano (president, Partners Ministry International)

Inward Look

  • A Quiet Getaway for Pastors—Jon Beight (Hillsboro, Ind.)

Ministry Toolbox

  • Handling a Crisis—Don Shirk (Batavia, N.Y.)
  • Encouraging Class Attendance—Daria Greening (Schaumburg, Ill.)

Reach Out

  • 10 Tips for Welcoming Visitors—Jim Vogel (Schaumburg, Ill.)
  • Retail Outreach—Jeanine Gower (Schaumburg, Ill.)
  • Western Weekend Outreach—Tom Robbins (Camp Point, Ill.)

GARBC—Together We Can Accomplish More!