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Synergy: Sharpening Ministries by Sharing Ideas

By October 25, 2010July 16th, 2014No Comments

A great thing about the GARBC is the opportunity to network ministry ideas. As you read the following ideas from your ministry colleagues, be open with the Lord in allowing Him to expand your ministry.

Synergy is ready for your viewing!

Check out the October issue:

Building Your Ministry

  • “It’s a Kick!” Community Soccer Camp—Pastor Jon Jenks, Associate Pastor Steve Barton (Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.)

Global Outlook

  • Internet Missions Conference—Pastor Craig Jarvis, Bart Morrick, and Cindie Winquist, Verona, Wis.
  • Communicating with Missionaries—Rev. Willard Stull, ABWE, and The Link: OARBC newsletter

Home Front

  • Need to Get Away?—Cedarly Retreat Center and others

Ministry Toolbox

  • Cardboard Testimonies—Pastor David Whiting, Rochester, N.Y.
  • Veterans Day Recognition—Pastor Jeffrey Howell, Ministry intern Ryan Schildroth, Jersey Shore, Pa.

Reach Out

  • Speedway Evangelism—Pastor Laird Baldwin, Brookville, Ohio
  • Gaga Ball—Pastor Larry Lindow, Littleton, Ill.
  • Pine Car Derby—Pastor Nathan Gast, Kansas City, Kan.
  • Drive Your Tractor to Church—Pastor Ken Young, Forest Lake, Pa.
  • Planting Spiritual Seeds through Community Garden—Pastor Bill Mattox, Madison, Wis.

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