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Dear Friends,

By February 11, 2008June 19th, 2014No Comments

We are writing this note from home today due to an intense blizzard that has paralyzed the greater Chicago area. The GARBC Resource Center is closed. Announcements on television advise us not to travel on the roads. None of that has limited our ability to communicate. With the aid of our trusty computers and the remarkable technology of the Internet, we are carrying out our work. Our projects of the day have been communicating with staff colleagues, sending and receiving e-mails from pastors, working out details with an international partner for an upcoming conference, posting items on our GARBC Web site, and penning this month’s update to the Council of Eighteen. We are reminded about the extraordinary potential we have at our fingertips to provide information, encouragement, and assistance to a vast network of contacts. Make the most of your time. Our twenty-first century communication capabilities are a stewardship we must use for God’s glory. Not even a snowstorm can stop ministry. However, we did take a nap! It’s beautiful outside and great fun to be inside. We are still kids at heart.

In service with you,

John and Daria Greening