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Boosting a Missionary

By October 1, 2007June 19th, 2014No Comments

On-field missionaries experience loneliness, fatigue, and ministry challenges—many of the same challenges as stateside pastors and wives experience. Missionaries could use a boost, a friendly reminder from their supporting churches that they and their ministry are valued. Make the day of a missionary; consider blessing them with one of the following acts of kindness:

• Initiate Sunday School class competition to fill the missionary cupboard; display tables of donated items for classes to view
• Send seasoning/food packets to the field; e.g., taco and sloppy joe seasonings, salad dressing, dip, soup, and gravy mixes, etc.
• Forward seasonal items to field; e.g., valentines, egg-coloring kits, napkins, birthday party accessories, July 4th items, etc.
• Help a child start a pen pal or email relationship with a missionary child
• Initiate a Sunday School Class project for a missionary’s special need
• Mail your church directory to missionaries
• Send church prayer requests (outreach events, ministry endeavors, etc.) to missionaries
• Ship a Bucket of Blessings, a bucket of signed encouragement notes to missionaries
• Email missionary prayer alerts or forward their requests through phone chains. Prompt church members to email missionaries, letting them know of their prayer support
• Create an interest in the missionary cupboard by featuring it an open house or an AWANA drive
• Facilitate “Christmas in July” gifts to missionaries; send money and gifts well in advance of season
• Send a care package of items unavailable on missionaries’ fields
• Sponsor your pastor and wife’s visit to a mission field
• Promote mission trips to help missionary projects and outreach
• Most important—pray, pray, pray!

Start now by doing one thing to encourage a missionary. Your efforts may prompt a Sunday School class or church group to do likewise.

Deb Hindal, GARBC International Ministries
GARBC Resource Center
Schaumburg, Illinois